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Multiphysics Modeling School

Master's Degree Programs

The Master’s Degree in COMSOL Multiphysics Modeling offer a fundamental and complete training in applied numerical simulation and optimization. It is completely online and taught in English, organised by the University of Malaga in collaboration with other institutions.


Multiphysics is a computational modeling tool that involves simulations in which multiple physical models or multiple simultaneous physical phenomena are present, and usually implies the resolution of coupled systems of partial differential equations.

For example, it should be used in the computational analysis of processes and systems dealing with coupled phenomena related to fluid dynamics, heat transfer, structural mechanics, acoustics, electromagnetism, optics, chemical kinetics, molecular dynamics, etc.

In our courses we use the currently most powerful and flexible software for multiphysics modeling, COMSOL Multiphysics, which is also perfectly well suited to work in single-physics mode. Multiphysics modeling provides multiple and important benefits for companies, scientists and engineers, for basic research, applied research and product and process development.

Benefits for scientists

  • More detailed and deeper understanding of underlying mechanisms that are often beyond experimental reach.
  •  Validation of governing equations by comparison with experimental data.
  • The number of scientific publications incorporating multiphysics modeling has increased exponentially year after year.
  • Possessing good multiphysics modeling skills increases the quality and quantity of research papers, which has a direct impact on the success of a scientific career.

Benefits for engineers

  • Generation of highly realistic digital twins.
  • Accuracy and optimization of all types of designs, products and devices.
  • Very interesting to add to the catalog of skills and knowledge of today’s engineers.
  • Increases the versatility and efficiency of design and optimization tasks, a fact that is obviously highly valued by technological and industrial companies.

Benefits for companies

  • It enables R&D departments to create complex models of their systems and devices.
  • Product and process performance can be optimized and potential problems can be solved, saving time, work and subsequent costs.
  • Training in multiphysics modeling is essential for the efficiency of the R&D process in technology and industrial companies, which will ultimately result in improved company competitiveness.

COMSOL Multiphysics

COMSOL Multiphysics is a simulation platform that covers all steps of the modeling workflow, from the definition of geometries and material properties, through the establishment of the physical equations describing the specific phenomena, to the solution and post-processing to produce accurate and reliable results. It is a very powerful and recognized professional tool in the field of science and engineering and is used by engineers and scientists of any specialty, regardless of whether they work in industry or in public research organizations.

Numerical simulations are commonly used in many areas and problems, such as Heat Transfer (conduction, convection or radiation), Computational Fluid Dynamics (laminar and turbulent), Electromagnetism, Optics, Structural Mechanics (linear and nonlinear materials, vibrational analysis, shocks and impacts), Acoustics, Chemical Engineering, Electrochemistry, etc. These master’s programs will prepare the student to develop R&D simulation projects in a variety of industries and research centers.

Multiphysics Modeling School trains the student in the use of COMSOL Multiphysics, covering all points of view, both theoretical and practical. The master’s degree programs are an excellent training opportunity on this commonly used tool, and connects directly with current professional activity in Science and Engineering, while contributing with knowledge of undeniable value to the academic curriculum of any engineer or scientist.
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